Finding Rare Cells to Enable Tomorrow’s Cures


Gemneo tools and services
help researchers find rare cells
important to medicine.


What We Do

Gemneo Bioscience is the result of a 5-year, multi-million research journey at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute to develop innovative molecular-based single-cell genomics technology that does not require cell sorting, which will greatly accelerate the speed and decrease the costs of analyzing the genomic heterogeneity of cancer and immune tissues, microbiomes, and beyond. Gemneo’s mission is to put technology to work quickly -- in the hands of academic and pharma industry researchers -- to advance the frontiers of precision medicine, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes.
The research on DNA Origami Nanoprobes for single-cell multi-gene analysis and single-cell analysis of tumor heterogeneity was funded by NIH grants and is an excellent example of federally-funded research leading to advances in science and medicine. Gemneo’s platform technology can be used to profile cancer genomics and identify rare cells that influence disease progression that current technologies are not able to detect.

Company Snapshot

  • Our Goal

    Gemneo seeks to commercialize pioneering technology for single-cell genomics developed at Arizona State University’s (ASU) Biodesign Institute.

  • Why It Matters

    Single-cell genomic analysis is an imperative to better understand genomic heterogeneity of cell populations involved in disease, and to identify the “rare” cells that influence disease progression.

  • The Need

    Current tools for single-cell genomics are expensive and low-throughput, making the detection and characterization of rare cells costly and time consuming, and for very rare cells, all but impossible.

  • The Opportunity

    Single-cell genomics is emerging as a critical technology for enabling new types of therapies and diagnostics, including immunotherapies and genomic companion diagnostics for cancer. The Gemneo technology can greatly advance the goals of personalized medicine, by accelerating the speed and reducing the costs of single-cell genomic analysis.

The Future of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment has advanced, but remains a leading cause of death globally and a vexing intractable disease. The promise of faster, more personalized treatments is advancing, but yet to be fully realized, and only at tremendous development and treatment costs. There is no single cure for cancer since there is no single cause of cancer. Cancer patients essentially “incubate” their own disease over time based on very specific genetic defects or mutations that can be unique to them. Rapid and inexpensive genomic profiling coupled with a more comprehensive catalog of cancer-causing mutations is the key to properly characterizing cancers for treatments and the development of therapies. This is Gemneo’s forte and the source of our competitive differentiation.